FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is an easy to learn program used to build custom databases. It is cross platform and with FileMaker Go it can also run on an iPad or iPhone and also via a web browser.
Create your own custom databases of clients, jobs, invoices, workflow, artwork or anything with ease.

Designing a Database  
Setting up a basic contact record database – how to stop duplicate records
Field definition – types of fields
Layouts – form, table, list view
Status area toggle
Tab order in layouts
Tool bars – T square
Control access to a field in modes of working
Conditional formatting of fields
Modes of working, browse, find, preview, layout
Input screen
Print screen
Global fields – samples of addresses etc

User interface
Finding information – using symbols
Sorting information
Basic button design – common tasks
Buttons to change layouts
Creating buttons to store a find request or a sort request
Concept of layouts design
Sorting and summary fields
Sub summary parts


Linking databases
General concepts
Creating a new table within the main database
One to many contacts for 1 customer
Creating a portal
Moving to the related record and back
Look up from one table to another used in a pricing database
Self join relationship
Multi criteria relationship
Discussion of development system
Scripts and buttons
Automating the database with Buttons & Scripts
Start up scripts
Setting variable
Discussion of scripts in samples
Script Maker examples
If structure example
Loop structure example
Data entry example
A startup script example
Scripts on trigger

Sharing Data
Server copy of FileMaker
File sharing over the network
Importing and exporting data
View on iPad and iPhone

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