Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing program which is used to create, manipulate and enhance digital photos and images.

Photoshop tool box and options
Selection tool and refining edges,
Editing tools, Line tool, Airbrush tool
Rubber stamp, Selecting tools, Fill tools, gradient
Tool options – opacity & blending modes, information panel
Healing brushes / rubber stamp / healing / patch

Channels and Quick mask mode, Layers, History etc
Common features
Resizing images
Cropping and rotating images, Transforming
Adjusting images – brightness, colour correction
Extending canvas size

Adobe Bridge
Media management
Mini Bridge

Methods of selecting – cut outs
Saving selections in channels and loading
Soft edges for hair and soft edges
Clipping paths – as anĀ  action
Manually creating a clipping path – selection
Exercises on selecting
Creating and using masks
Loading a mask


Fill features
Content aware fill
New painting effects
Content aware scaling

How to build an image from multiple documents
Blending Modes
Making images appear as if they are blended on to a background

Adjustment Layers
Curves and Levels
Brightness and Contrast adjustments
Colour balance and colour adjustments
Enhancing an image also using a mask on specific areas
Other adjustment options
Colour matching from one image to another
Interaction of working with Illustrator and InDesign

Actions palette
Modifying actions
Creating an action

Web images
Saving for web

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