Adobe Illustrator

Workspace and Panel
Page set up – preferences, units, work area, art boards
Palettes – navigator, info, transform, swatches, colours, type etc.

Basic Tools
Drawing basic shapes, corner & centre
Pen tool, ink pen, selector tool
Scale, rotate, flip, skew and cut
Freehand tool, pen
Star, spiral and polygon
Levels of magnification
Rotate, reflect, shear, scissors
Exact sizes of objects – measuring, power duplicate
Selection tools, Gradient mesh,
Brushes – bristle brush.

Object manipulation

Moving and transforming, grouping
Alignment palette, Pathfinder palette, shape builder tool
Constraining area for painting
Colour Palette
Web and print colours
Fills & gradients, tints
Stroke and Fill , Styles

Colours and swatches
Transparency and gradients

Indents Tabs

Exercises – How to create

  • Leaflets, Posters,
  • Logos
  • Create maps and use pathfinder and eraser
  • Charts and graphs from Excel data
  • Badges

Live Trace

Live Colour and Live Paint
Auto trace line art and image files
Colour images using paint tool

Using templates and Layers – creating templates

Place scanned images, Viewing, locking, printing layers
Text manipulation
Converting to Outlines
Text attributes on path
Images within text as a mask

Brushes and styles

Creating brushes
Opacity Masks and transparency
Transparency effects
Rasterise to convert vector art to pixel images
Variable stroke tool
3D perspective drawing
Clipping Masks
Images for the web
Save for web

Filters and Effects

Filters, drop shadows, glows, masks
3D effects

Saving as PDF and other formats

Printing – options separation
Interaction between Photoshop, InDesign

Sample Illustrator Course Outline