Adobe Creative Suite Course Outline


Understanding the application window
Document set up screen
Creating a new document
Using Rulers and Guides
Overview of Palettes and Workspace
Basic Tools and Panels
Working with Objects
Drawing shapes with curved corners
Copying and moving
Understanding Text Frames
Place Text & Graphics on the Page
Using Colours and swatches adding colours
Tints and Gradients
Shapes & Corner options short cuts
Placing and Editing Text
Formatting with Character & Paragraph formats
Text frames and linking
Bullets & Numbered lists
Paragraph indents
Working with Graphics
Fitting or Clipping graphics with Frames
Links palette
Interactive panel
Outputting and PDF Export
Pre-flight and Package
Interactive PDF format
Creating buttons, and links within the document
Creating bookmarks
Page Transitions for PDF


Intro to Acrobat basic editing
Creating a basic form
View in Acrobat
Amending a PDF,
Extract and merge,
Basic tools, hyperlinks
Print production preview


Vector artwork – logos, maps, diagrams
Using Tools and main palettes
Drawing basic shapes, corner & centre Pen tool, ink pen, selector tool
Scale, rotate, flip, skew and cut, pen tool, auto trace, pen
Star, spiral and polygon, Levels of magnification
Rotate, reflect, shear, scissors,
Text manipulation
Stroke and Fill with colours, tints, gradients
How to place text on a circle or a path
How to use Livetrace and Livepaint
Creating Colours – separation
Exercises creating logos and a map
Saving as eps and saving for web.
Save as PDF


Image manipulation, image sizes
Using main tool box and control palette
Overview of navigation, History, Layers, Colours, Adjustments
Methods of selecting- Using magic wand and selection tool, saving selections Channels and loading
How to crop an image
How to save as a clipping path or eps
Basic enhancements of an image
Save as jog, tiff, save for web
Working between Photoshop and InDesign

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